Friday, February 13, 2015

...toilet tissue trivia

TOILET PAPER is something we all need and use (hopefully).  butt ... how much do you really know about the stuff you use every day???  check out these cool facts...
IT'S A FIRST! the first recorded use of toilet paper was in 6th century China.  by the 14th century the Chinese were mass producing it.
BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! packaged TP wasn’t sold in the states until 1857. the guy who introduced it, Joseph Gayetty, had his name printed on every sheet.  yikes! who’d who’d wanna see this guy staring at you every time you use the toilet. ack!

HANDY-WIPES??  at some time or other people used these handy items in place of TP:  water, hay, corncobs, leaves, sticks, stones, sand moss, hemp, wool, husks, fruit peels, ferns, sponges, seashells, and broken pottery.  broken pottery??! YIKES!! you gotta be kidding!
IT’S THE SHEETZ!  the average American uses about 57 sheets of TP a day.  that’s 399 a week, 1,996 a month and 19,152 a year. an average family will flush almost 80,000 sheets a year.
NOVEL IDEA!  Koji Suzuki, the Japanese horror novelist best known for writing The Ring, had an entire novel printed on a single roll of toilet paper. the story takes place in a public bathroom and the whole thing is about three feet long.
DESERT PATROL! during Desert Storm, the US Army used toilet paper to camouflage its tanks. check it out. there really is camouflage TP.
WOOD YOU BELIEVE! making TP for the whole world uses almost 30,000 trees every day. that’s 10 million trees a year!
STOP THIEF!  seven percent of Americans admit to stealing rolls of toilet paper from hotels and motels. that's just the ones who admit it. no comment!
OUCH! It wasn’t until 1935 that manufacturers promised “Splinter-Free Toilet Paper.”
DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT! when people were asked what’s the most important thing they would take if they were going to a desert island... 49 % said TP. umm... what about food??? water??? mosquito spray???
PAWS TO PLAY! it’s a fact that cats believe toilet paper is a special toy installed in the bathroom just for them to play with. if they need a little fun time all they have to do is take a quick trip to the bathroom. check out this fun VIDEO.
HISTORY! there was a toilet paper museum in Wisconsin called The Madison Museum of Toilet Tissue, but it closed in 2000.  what a shame.  for sure that would have been number 1 on my list of places to visit. duh!
DESIGNER TP! there’s a contest sponsored by Charmin to design and make wedding dresses out of toilet paper. the winner gets $2,000.  if you want to see some of the cool creations click the word DRESS.
AND...FOR THE RICH AND FAMOUS!  the most expensive toilet paper in the world is the Portuguese brand Renova. it’s three-ply, perfumed, costs $3 per roll and comes in lots of colors including black, red, blue and green.  
OVER OR UNDER? about two-thirds of Americans prefer their toilet paper to come off the roll over the top.  by the way...under the roll people are considered be more intelligent.  who figures out this stuff???
CELEBRATE! for sure any product this important should have a special day. it does! August 26th is "National Toilet Paper Day"
WHAT ABOUT YOU?  are you an over or under TP person??
...hugs from Lenny
sources: buzzfeed and stuff4kids

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

…cool new year’s facts

heres some cool new years facts you might not know...
ancient history! the first ever recorded new year was celebrated 4,000 years ago by the ancient babylonians.
drivers beware!! the two biggest days of the year for car theft are new year's eve and new year's day!  more vehicles are stolen on new year’s day than any other holiday!
go red! in italy, people wear red underwear on new year’s day to bring good luck all year long.
lucky vs yucky foods!  on new years day eat black eyed peas, ham and cabbage. they’ll bring you good luck. don’t eat lobster ‘cause they move backwards or chicken ‘cause they scratch backward and eating them will cause reverse and that's bad luck.
kiss me!…ack! according to old english and german forklore, the first person you come across and how you greet him/her in the new year will set the tone for the next 12 months. so…be sure to give him/her/it a HUGE HUG and a BIG SMOOCHEROO!! and, for couples…if you don’t lock lips at midnight your relationship might not be so bright the rest of the year. ugh!
numero uno!!   the first place on earth to ring in the start of 2015 is the island of kiritimati (aka christmas island) in the pacific. “kukurei boou rikiri!” that’s happy new year in gilbertese, the language of the island.
waaaa it’s past my bedtime! using a baby to signify the new year began in ancient greece around 600 B.C.
watch it!  the most-watched new year's eve broadcast in the world is "dick clark's new year's rockin' eve." it started in 1972 with just a couple cameras and a skeleton crew and still keeps on rocking to this day.
crystal ball!  in 1907 (3 years after the first times square new year’s celebration) fireworks were banned and instead, officials lowered a 700 pound iron and wood ball from a flagpole. today’s ball weighs 11,875 pounds, has 32, 256 led lights and 2,688 crystals.
keep your eye on the ball!  over one billion people worldwide watch the times square ball drop every year.
scare 'em away! noise making and fireworks on new year's eve is believed to have originated in ancient times when noise and fire were thought to dispel evil spirits and bring good luck.
the BIG BANG!  dubai holds the record for the world’s largest ever new year’s fireworks display. 479,651 shells were fired off in just six minutes at a rate of almost 80k shells per minute and 1,332 fireworks per second. the world record was broken within the first minute.
you can do it! well…maybe not.  the most popular new year’s resolution is to lose weight.  sadly, by march, or even before, most everyone has given up. UGH!
…hugs from lenny